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I feel so Empty… But Yet I Feel So Much Pain
"You know how tiring it is to starve yourself everyday because you’re just not thin enough? Well it’s damn tiring."Unknown (via drewxxrobyn)

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Recover or suicide? sur We Heart It -
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This is powerful. 😔
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Don’t tell me I don’t have a reason on We Heart It -
"behind my scars, behind my fake persona for ‘friends’ and behind the bullshit is dark, not the night sky dark but the dark at the bottom of the oceans, where light has never shone and never will. Infested with dark creatures thinking dark things making me feel dark emotions and forcing me to do dark things. All thriving in my tears and the cold they create where there’s nothing but water, deep down in there is a child with no innocence, no hope, no dreams and no childhood."me (anonexpressions)

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"A dark cloud of nothing
Has settled over my mind,
Blocking the beauty
I once saw in the world."
'I'm lost without you'
T.D. (vaitiolo)

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